The Benefits of Buying a Used Vehicle

By: Rainbow Motor Sales   |   30 May 2023

There are numerous reasons why Coldwater drivers might be interested in buying a used vehicle. Perhaps you’re trying to save a little money, plan on upgrading in the near future, or maybe you’re a young driver, and this is your first vehicle purchase.  Still, with fears associated with reliability, cleanliness, up-to-date features, and potential issues down the line, many folks still feel like buying new is the best option. Here at Rainbow Motors, we’re doing our best to change the narrative surrounding used vehicles. The truth is vehicles today are made with much more longevity in mind than they were years ago. Let’s explore a few benefits you might want to consider when it comes to buying a used car.

  1. Price. Pricing is typically the driving factor when it comes to shopping for a used vehicle, especially when you can expect some significant savings. Additionally, if your credit could use some work, buying a used vehicle at a low cost with smaller, more manageable monthly payments can do wonders for your credit score and help you get back on your feet. At Rainbow Motors, our expert team of financial advisors can help you find the right vehicle for your budget as well as flexible financing or leasing options no matter your credit history,  

  2. Features. Lots of folks still buy into the misconception that buying used means they have to compromise on the latest features. The truth is model changes year after year are often pretty minuscule. And most of the features and specifications you see in that brand-new Toyota model? They’re likely still available in the one that came out 4 years ago.

  3. Quality. This is a big one and can often be what deters customers from wanting to shop used. Thankfully, many of the vehicles in our pre-loved inventory undergo a meticulous inspection to ensure they meet our highest quality standards. Additionally, most vehicles come with a Carfax report, so you can have access to the vehicle’s history before deciding whether or not it goes home with you.  

  4. Resale value. Did you know that a new vehicle depreciates 10% just by driving it off the lot? Buying used means you can preserve the vehicle’s resale value since depreciation tends to only skyrocket with newer vehicles. This is extremely helpful should you decide to sell or trade in your preowned vehicle at some point in the future. 

Shop Pre-Loved at Rainbow Motors!

Whether you’re in the market for a used car or SUV in Coldwater, MI, our extensive inventory of used vehicles from a wide range of makes and models are not only affordable but of premium quality. Browse our inventory today, and don’t hesitate to give us a call with more questions about the used vehicle purchasing process!


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