Exciting Things to Do on Your Way to Our Coldwater Used Car Dealership

By: Rainbow Motor Sales   |   09 Apr 2024

Here at Rainbow Motors, we’re proud to serve our good community of Coldwater, MI. Being in the car business for many years, we know all too well how challenging it can be for residents all over Michigan to find a reliable vehicle. That’s why we’re committed to helping customers not just in our own backyard but from as far as Sturgis, Quincy, Hillsdale, Jonesville, Indiana, and beyond! Not only do customers from our neighboring communities trust our used car dealership for quality vehicles and flexible financing, but with so many fun stops to make along the way, it's worth the trip!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss our favorite activities to do and stops to make on your way to our Coldwater used car dealership

Places to See from Jackson, MI


If you’re coming from as far as Jackson, MI, one of our favorite spots to recommend is the stunning hills of Hayes State Park.  In the beautiful rolling Irish Hills of southeast Michigan, Hayes State Park sits surrounded by tiny inland lakes and offers access to Wamplers and Round Lakes, where visitors can paddle, boat, fish, swim and camp. Perfect for a summer road trip to Coldwater!

If you’re travelling with the kids, we also recommend the Hurst Planetarium for an out-of-this-world experience. (Literally!) The Hurst Planetarium hosts Public Astronomy shows under its 30-foot dome throughout the year, featuring a live presentation of the stars, virtual night sky tours, night sky observing programs, and more!

Stops to Make from Battle Creek, MI


Making the trip to Coldwater from Battle Creek is the perfect excuse to visit some beautiful parks, trails, and landscapes. You’ll love Grever’s Nature Center for its quiet and secluded 2.4-km loop trail, which is great for birding, hiking, and mountain biking.

Running from Kalamazoo Avenue to Stuarts Landing, there's also Marshall Riverwalk. This  1.6-mile trail consists of elevated boardwalks and paved pathways. It has five pedestrian bridges, kayak and canoe launches, and scenic overlook areas. 

And while you’re in Marshall, why not visit the famous Dark Horse Brewing Company for a complete tour of the production facility, a tasting of six beers in their VIP Loft and a DH pint glass?

Attractions on the Way from Montgomery, MI


If you’re headed to Rainbow Motors from Montgomery, there are plenty of fun pit stops to make before you arrive – which you can do in as little as 40 minutes! For one, Coldwater Lake State Park is home to 400 acres of largely undeveloped parkland situated between Copeland Road and the southern shoreline of Coldwater Lake. 

With Indiana being just a stone's throw away, we also recommend taking a drive over the state line for a plethora of fun activities. Enjoy a wine tasting at the Satek Winery or get the chance to visit the Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve, which is home to approximately 250 wild bison roaming over 400 acres that they claim as their home.

Where to Go While Driving from Albion, MI


If you’re coming from as far as Albion, MI, to our used car dealership, we highly recommend taking some time to appreciate the great outdoors while you’re at it. Ketchem Park, Brooks Nature Area, and Stuart’s Landing are all beautiful parks that offer scenic views, trails, and even fishing. 

For the kids, you should definitely make a stop at the American Museum of Magic for a truly magical experience. You may also want to pay a visit to the beautiful Brooks Memorial Fountain, a historical landmark that’s a hotspot of Instagram-worthy photo ops!

Make a Day of Your Next Visit to Rainbow Motors!

There’s no shortage of fun activities and sights to take in as you embark on your next adventure to Coldwater, MI! Whether you’re part of the Coldwater community or coming from a neighboring area, Rainbow Motor Sales offers flexible financing solutions and the very best selection of quality used vehicles ready for your driveway. Browse our online inventory today, and be sure to plug any of these fantastic destinations into Google Maps on your next visit to our used car dealership in Michigan.

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